Subscription Plan

Plans:  Monthly Color Lenses (2pc/box)



3+1 Plan

6+2 Plan

No. of boxes 1 box/month (3 + 1 Free) 1 box/month (6 + 2 Free)
Billing Every 4 months Every 8 months
Price RM 110 RM 228
Free Gift 1 box 2 boxes
Save 33.3% 36.7%
Shipping option One time shipment  One time shipment


Bonus: Receive extra 1 FREE box of Surprise lenses every 6 months for ongoing subscriptions

This page is only applicable for subscription purchases. For one-time purchases, click here.



Terms & Conditions

  • ¬†Surprise lenses may be short expiry lenses
  • Colour of surprise lenses will be given at random and cannot be chosen
  • Surprise lenses will be delivered at the end of every¬†8 months, together with the next batch of lenses the month after (9th month).



Cancellations & Refunds

Subscription can be cancelled at any time (no cancellation fees). However, the existing
subscription has to be completed before the plan is terminated. Refunds are not allowed.



Renewal of Subscriptions

Subscription plan will be automatically renewed upon completion of any existing plan and will be charged to your credit card. To end your subscription, log into your account and click on the ‚ÄúCancel‚ÄĚ button.




You will be billed for the next round of subscription on the 15 th of the last month of your ongoing cycle in order for the next batch of lenses to reach you on time.
For 3+1 plan, you will be billed every 4 months. For 6+2 plan, you will be billed every 8 months.
Lenses will be delivered¬†1 ‚Äď 2¬†weeks¬†after payment has been made.